High-quality engineering and use of the latest technologies ensure that White Gardens fully meets the standards expected of a “green building”: White Gardens were among the first developments in Moscow to merit the prestigious international BREEAM environmental certification. This voluntary evaluation of a building’s environmental safety commended White Gardens as “Very Good”. Possible negative environmental impacts were taken into account at the design phase and minimized during construction and operation. Only eco-friendly materials, which are harmless for the environment and human health, were used during construction. The developers ensured a responsible approach to energy and water consumption, created an optimal living environment inside the building, installed monitoring of air and water quality as well as smart waste disposal. White Gardens meet the most stringent international standards by all of these criteria.

  • Waste separation and recycling by specialized companies, including disposal of batteries and fluorescent lamps;
  • Regular inspections, replacement of filters and disinfection of air supply ventilation systems;
  • Wastewater analysis by a specialized laboratory;
  • Scheduled checks to prevent vermin and other infestations;
  • Full-service cleaning by a specialized company using only certified, eco-friendly cleaning products;
  • Landscaping of public spaces and the building territory by a professional horticultural company;
  • Use of granite chips as an anti-icing agent.